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Office Obsession Review

Full Review by Jasin

The office hookup is a fantasy that goes way back. It's the thrill of doing it with a colleague that puts the naughty hotness into it, whether it be authoritative or an equal footing in the ranks.
Office Obsession
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However at Office Obsession, they spin the fantasy into a total hot-on-hot-bod approach, where sensuality and passion play a big part on the sexual work-affair. The scenes put you into a world where you can watch the players play, and make up part of the story yourself as intimate visuals unfold before your eyes. It's part day dream, part make believe, and all horny heat!

The idea stems from the included Babes network, where passionate porn takes you on a creative journey through sexual adventures of high production eroticism on film. The office setting only adds to the arousal level with skilled women in the arts of flirt, intimacy and hot fucking prowess. Each scene begins in full workplace gear; like suits, ties, pantsuits, dresses and all the underwear/lingerie trimmings you can think of. Plus, there's a bit of voyeur feel to many updates.

Though set to an all-music backdrop for the intros, the couples tease and lead each other on with playful gestures as they strip. Soon, she is on her knees sucking cock through his fly-hole or he is eating wet and spread pussy!

Each scene progress further into vag pumping, where skirts are hiked up as she bends over the desks for deep dicking. There is plenty of blowjobs, ass grabs and hot kisses as the duos switch positions and throw down in the business settings.

All of which leads into the cumshot finale, where hot jizz erupts for facials, breast splatters and clothing sprays as well. Videos are set up for stream and download options in an all-in-one player combo.

The horny office-place sex scenes are available for instant playback online in a cool 540p streaming player with pop up adjustable bandwidth settings. The player also has download options with mobile to 720p and 1080p HD resolutions easily accessible to save. Further, each scene has a matched photo gallery of all the sexy fun with online slideshows and zip download options.

Overall, brings you into a new passionate styled twist of workplace romance. The scenes are shot with a skillful presentation and the performance of the pornstars really sets the mood for a real erotic fantasy to take place. Though few scenes make up the core collection, the added network makes up for it with the sensual thrills you will certainly appreciate.

Rating 8.6 Wow
Monthly $29.95
Category Art PornReality

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 6Mbps
H264: 1280x720 @ 2.6Mbps
H264: 854x480 @ 1.5Mbps
H264: 640x360 @ 0.5Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 2495x1663

Strong points

Hot office sex, quality streams, 1080 video, bonus sites

Weak points

Few core scenes so far, only basic categories
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