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Perv Mom Review

Full Review by Jasin

Perv Mom is set in the fantasy of mostly cougar-aged+ step-moms that seem to have a thing for their step-sons. It’s a horny thing at that, and these perverted moms won’t stop until they have their sexual requests have been fulfilled.
Perv Mom
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As most step-porn gets going, it’s usually a ruse or hidden cam type of style, where much needed details of the relationship need to be established. The sons could be spying on their step-moms, or making advances to them, flirting, etc.

Whatever the intro entails, it’s always the step mother that makes the moves here and gets things more heated than just the fantasy of it all. She will persuade him into doing more, and dirty talks her way into his pants and big cock!

As the role-play details grow, the moms get more intimate and initiate cock sucking and more, which is all kinda shot in the POV view from the step-son’s perspective. She sucks his cock and will often get horny enough to fuck with the same first-person view of big cock in mature pussy!

What’s also interesting for this collection of pervy mothers is a lot of scenes conclude with just blowjobs. Like she’ll play and flirt and talk about sex, but then just suck cock and take a shot of cum in the face/mouth and call it a day.

A few scenes are even less graphic or sexual driven and end with just spying on the nude stepmoms changing.

The members area follows the inline method of displaying all the content, with quick download options per scenes in mobile through 1080p FHD resolutions. Photo galleries in high/low res are also linked.

A new page is opened once the streaming video player per update is clicked and is fixed in place/quality. The streams look good and buffer up quick though.

Only 55 scenes make up this somewhat new site of step-mother/son hardcore fun – but the variety of blowjob/sex/tease content and sexy/horny mature ladies available is certainly worth looking into – if this happens to be your style of porn.

Rating 7.9 Cool
Monthly $17.87

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 12Mbps
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HD photo options

JPG: 1080x1620

Strong points

Cool step-mom content, 1080 video, hot women

Weak points

Few scenes so far, odd layout/nav, no bonuses
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