Date added: 01/15/2016

Playboy TV Review

Full Review by Jasin

Playboy TV is like nothing else you've ever experienced – or sorta. It's part Playboy hotness, part reality tv-show drama, and part hot hardcore sex in one! But what you'll have to keep in mind while watching PlayboyTV is that this is all an entertainment show with a total explicit nature.
Playboy TV
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The way the site works is there are shows that have different themes and playboy-girl cast members, with hosts, crew and even extras, I think. There is comedies, drama, reality and even documentary based genres set up throughout the collection.

It's all very well done with a real form of sexual entertainment at heart. What it all boils down to is, Playboy is such a huge brand now, they can pretty much do anything they want at this point, with a great budget to do so.

Having said that, the episodes are entertaining to say the least – for the most part the shows have themes they kinda stick to, but it always ends with hot sex in some form or another. From typical swinging, group sex to more intimate sex-tape 101 details – you will see hardcore moments included in the setups. It's all done with a fun nature though and even the more drama-esque series have that ongoing sex-driven reality-tv vibe,

Keep in mind, these are all really attractive young women getting cast in these parts. Yes, some are silly fun with exaggerated plots and over-the-top cheesy scenarios – but there is a creative/sexy edge about everything available here. Plus, they have a whole Profiles section devoted to just the Playboy girls – like the Cybergirls, Playboy Amateurs and Playmates. So you get wild fun reality-tv-show hard-sex & mayhem, then the softer side of what Playboy is really about.

All content is set up in a streaming video delivery method for playback from your computer or big-screen tv. In an HBO-style episode delivery method, you can browse seasons of updates in order or jump to a quick stream-playback with multiple bandwidth options. Downloads are set up the same way, with mobile video sizes through 720p and 1080p HD resolutions available for saving – for most updates. Screenshot galleries also match the video episodes too.

There is some member interactivity here with likes/dislikes, faves and commenting, but still you get up-sells to more hardcore and vod content temptations. Further, there isn't much info on what each series is about; aside from the general pics and preview, you'll have to just start watching to figure out how the show goes.

Still, is great at what it does offer, and happens to be one of the only sex-driven variety shows on the market – it's certainly worth a look or three.

Rating 8.9 Wow
Monthly $29.99
Category Reality

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H264: 1920x1080 @ 6Mbps
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Strong points

Creative reality-TV variety, good sized collection, 1080 video, hot girls

Weak points

Some lackluster series/updates, limited info on all series, vip pricing
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