Date added: 12/17/2011

Porn XN Review

Full Review by Jasin

Packing more than a punch, Porn XN is the network behind a few new shock-style hardcore porn sites. They have incorporated some real taboo based porn into aggressive fuck throw-downs.
Porn XN
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One of the flagship sites in the network is Filthy and Fisting with absolutely brutal pussy fisting fun! Many scenes are threesome based where multiple girls are fist fucked by other girls, guys and sometimes self-fisting.

Totally drenched with lube, pussy juice and spit, the girls punch through those soft pussy lips and bury their hands wrist deep into the hot hole! It's so thrilling to watch the girl squirm with pleasure as an arm sticks out of her snatch.

Additionally, many sites feature insertions of some type like Explosive Dildo Stories, where anything and everything is shoved into the girls' holes. They are creative and make the whole thing fun, swapping everyday big dildos for large fruits/vegetables and sports gear. The horny girls take it all in stride and their stretched vags open to accommodate even the thickest odd objects.

Videos are available in streaming 720p in the wmv format only, however there are other low and medium non-hd sized streaming options too. So Mac users are basically fucked on the high def options in that regard. The flv streaming media player is oddly sized at 986x556, but the streams look great and the player allows instant timeline scrubbing.

Being a new program on the scene, the network as a whole still has some kinks to work through. A lot of the site's photo sets are sideways in the galleries or vary in quality per set. There are missing/broken links in the archives and some sites are not regularly updated. Plus, the whole no HD video download thing kinda puts a restriction on things.

If you're not into the craziness of the rest of the sites, there is also more traditional porn scenes, with more standard fuck sessions. Sexy girls boned in the typical fashion with their hot pussies and assholes pounded hard. At the end of the day, the network on a whole, is worth a nod – they have created some original content that is memorable to say the least.

Rating 8.6 Wow
Monthly $19.95
Category Deep Insertions

HD video options

Streaming WMV: 1280x720
Streaming FLV: 986x556

HD photo options

JPG: 1600x1066
JPG: 1024x682
JPG: 640x480

Strong points

Unique hardcore fetish content, streaming video, good sized collection

Weak points

Mixed quality throughout, some technical issues,
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