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POV Life Review

Full Review by Jasin

Point of view hardcore is life for these sexy amateur girls. They want cocks and cameras in their faces and are not ashamed to beg for it! Bringing you 18+ aged girls ready to show off their skills, and make it look like you are the one doing the boning.
POV Life
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POV Life brings forth the babes with a reality style! The young women featured here are the porn-girls that make the rounds in many sites and scenes – not the full pornstars, but the girls on their way there. So it's a bit of an amateur feel from the start. Then they push the scenes into the girlfriend, real-girl-date, reality type thing which is cool and adds a neat fantasy to the sex. What we end up with is a good hookup with a variety of styles in POV.

The point of view part of the scene is all in the fucking and sucking. Since the scenes start with a reality intro of where they found this cute girl in her regular LA environment, we have to wait for the meet and greet to take place as they set up the fantasy of the scene. Finally the party gets started with true POV style blowjobs where you see the girl's face as her mouth gapes and swallows cock, right before your eyes!

The dude places the camera on a tripod for some of the sex, like when he puts the girl in the missionary position to pound her pussy good. Or he will position the camera above him while she rides his cock cowgirl style or reverse. But for the most part, he is definitely holding the camera while he pummels her and we get a perfect view of the girl and her hot bod as she gets fucked. The favorite definitely being doggystyle to see her heart-shaped ass sliding back on dick, like it's your own!

POVLife is part of the TeamSkeet network of reality/fantasy based 18+ porn, so like the rest of the network you have an array of video options and settings. Firstly, the whole movie is viewable in a sleek, feature rich embedded streaming media player with selectable bandwidth options, timeline scrub action and pop-out viewer. Downloads are served up in HD 1080p, 720p and mobile versions of h.264 and wmv – plus, segmented clips are available too.

Screenshot and photo sets are available matching each video scene, but in somewhat low resolutions throughout. Also, not all content here is in HD, and further the style changes about half way through the content from just POV blowjobs and cumshots to full POV hardcore for the scenes. Still, the POV is done right and the girls are absolutely hot as hell and make the scenes shine. Plus, the included network makes this low subscription price not too shabby at all.

Rating 8.5 Great
Monthly $17.87
Category POV

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 9.5Mbps
WMV: 1280x720 @ 6.3Mbps
WMV: 960x540 @ 5.3Mbps
WMV: 640x360 @ 5.7Mbps
MPG1: 480x272 @ 1.5Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1052x780

Strong points

Good POV hardcore, lots of video options, 1080 video, bonus sites

Weak points

Not all scenes are HD, bandwidth transfer limit, similar/shared network content, low res photos
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