Date added: 12/10/2012

Public Pickups Review

Full Review by Ric

Picking up girls out on the town has never been easier. All you need is a good smile, confidence and HD camera gear. Okay, so it's still a fantasy driven type thing, but it's done well and takes place in the hustle and bustle of the beautiful Czech streets. So as you can imagine, the amateurs here are devastatingly attractive, and horny!
Public Pickups
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The pickups are typical, where the girls are way too trusting and easy, but hey that makes for a happy ending. Generally, the cuties are propositioned with cash for fun sexy time, but they mix it up a bit with a variety of storylines. The girls are always hesitant, and must be coerced into getting naked or flashing their naughty parts, let alone fucking. The reality aspect of it all is part of the fun, and the scenes are subtitled so you know exactly what's going on.

With such lovely young women, the request for sex is not a big deal – what the scenes come to is the girls taking x-amount of cash for the public hookup. And they are certainly out in the open, with most scenes getting physical outdoors. Once a deal is made the girls get down to business stripping down naked, allowing fondling and reaching for hard cock.

The sex scenes are creative and make use of the public surroundings. For example, one sweet thing takes to a quick penetration position still standing up with one leg up on a fence to allow him deep inside. Another bends over the railing on docks to get fucked doggystyle in a secluded area, then switches to reverse cowgirl sliding up and down on that hard cock herself. A few are in cars, wedged in the backseat getting fucked inconspicuously.

Since this is all handheld video, the videos are total POV adventures – but done well with the right amount of full body in the picture. Plus, the amateurs suck cock and look right into the camera as they take their throats to the limit! Some scenes go anal, and the girl always takes a thick load of cum to the face. It's easy to appreciate the point of view style with such beautiful girls as the sexy subjects.

As part of the Mofos Network of reality hardcore porn, the videos are available in a number of formats and resolutions. Downloads come in at 1080p, 720p, and a host of standard definition and mobile varieties. All movies stream in bandwidth switchable embedded player with resize options up to 540p only. Additionally, each scene is broken up into downloadable parts, and contains a full size screenshot gallery detailing the improvised intercourse.

At the end of the day, is great. These are certainly carefully selected hot young women found for indecent hookup-style sex – and that is exactly what we all want to see. The public exhibitionist set up, teasing, plot and foreplay surrounding it, is just entertainment icing on the cake. Enjoy!

Rating 9.2 Excellent
Monthly $24.98
Category RealityVoyeur

HD video options

WMV: 1920x1080 @ 13Mbps
H264: 1920x1080 @ 8.0Mbps
WMV: 1280x720 @ 11Mbps
WMV: 854x480 @ 2.5Mbps
H264: 640x368 @ 0.7Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1920x1080 screen

Strong points

Great hookup hardcore, 1080 video, really hot girls, network access

Weak points

Screencap images only, some sketchy streams, limited trial
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