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Rim 4K Review

Full Review by Jasin

So you are into seeing girls eat a man's ass, eh? Well this isn't your typical toss-the-salad type of site, however. At Rim 4K there is a sensual nature behind this tongue on pucker hardcore.
Rim 4K
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Rimming is the sexy art of licking an asshole. It is quite possibly the most erotic thing you can do. A lot of girls have their pussy and asshole licked and eaten on a regular basis, but it's almost taboo for guys to get rimmed.

That's where Rim4K comes into play. And this is more of a sensual style of sex from the get go, so when she spreads his ass checks to tongue his hole, it has more of an erotic feel to it.

The horny european young women are fucked just the same as in most porn. They suck cock, deep throating as best they can, spread their legs and take dick deep in their holes.

But then there is the anal rimming they perform on the guys as they switch positions. It's a reversal of hotness and plays well into the hot sex fun!

There isn't exactly deep tongue-fucking going on, but some of the girls get those man-holes real wet and slobbery as they lick and flick anus as the dudes spread their cheeks and ride the girl's mouth. Some even slide a finger in!

As the scenes progress the girls get back to getting nailed, and trade off rimming the guy's asshole, before switching back to dick in vagina pounding. It's a hot trade off till the final cumshot facial.

Like the rest of the VIP 4K porn network, all content here is served up in 4K UHD resolutions, with mobile, 480p, 720p and 1080p HD also available. You can stream or download all scenes and there is a huge, uncompressed photo gallery also viewable.

Though, there are few core scenes available at this time, you gain access to several other 4k sites as bonus. The hot girls that lick ass here are certainly horny to watch and the thrill of it all is arousing at that. Enjoy!

Rating 7.8 Cool
Monthly $29.99
Category Fetish

HD video options

AVC: 3840x2160 @ 60Mbps
AVC: 1920x1080 @ 12Mbps
AVC: 1280x720 @ 6Mbps
AVC: 960x540 @ 2.5Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 6720x4480

Strong points

Hot ass eating hardcore, 4K video, hot women, bonus

Weak points

Few core scenes, single huge photo zip option
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