Date added: 01/19/2015

Russian Fake Agent Review

Full Review by Dave

It seems like only the young and the restless make their way into the clutches of fake casting agents – and in Russia, the girls are no different. Russian Fake Agent is casting porn with a ployful twist of broken dreams.
Russian Fake Agent
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The scenes are authentic Russian productions where the intro is in a street-pickup style in the heart of Moscow or some other large metro. The sexy girls are hit on in the streets, propositioned to start modeling with their beauty and basically invited back to the office for an interview. These cute girls are usually college aged, which makes for the perfect level of naivety needed.

Back in the office, the videos follow the standard casting-porn experience – with the casting couch, mini interview and striptease inspection! There is a lot of dialogue, but only those schooled in Russian will understand, as there are no subtitles. We can get the gist of it and the agent is armed with his handheld HD cam as he fires off questions and sets the mood for her to put out in order to get a leg up to stardom.

Finally, when they start fooling around, it's typical cock sucking, that always gets a nervous girl wet and ready. He gets good and hard, then eats fresh slut pussy before fucking her in several quick hump positions on the couch. He orders her around while holding the cam and positioning his cock into her hot holes. So you get this somewhat awkward point of view fuck, or the blurred guy-with-camera wide shot as they switch angles.

Still, it's hot to see and the cute 18+ girls are a joy to watch get manhandled and finally jizzed on – then sent on their way. All content is available in streaming video and download options. First up, in the large streaming player with several bandwidth options to choose from – the player is large and delivers quality moments on playback.

Downloads are set up with mobile to 480p, 720p and 1080p HD options, and each scene has a limited amount of screenshot/photos too.

As part of the Private Network of all things European hardcore the Russian videos here kinda stand apart. Further, it doesn't look like they regularly update this sex audition offering regularly.

Still, it's fresh girls for sure, and sexy fucks in that casting-ruse POV manner – I say, enjoy it while you can! Then explore the rest of the included Private hardcore flavors.

Rating 8.2 Great
Monthly $29.95
Category Casting Porn

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 4.5Mbps
H264: 1280x720 @ 2.2Mbps
H264: 720x404 @ 1.7Mbps
WMV: 640x480 @ 1.3Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1600x900

Strong points

Good casting porn, hot young women, 1080 video, bonus

Weak points

Few core collection, not regularly updated, limited images
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