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SciFi Dreamgirls Review

Full Review by Ric

And now for something completely different! Scifi Dreamgirls is a one of a kind meld allowing you to explore your imagination with submissive sex and futuristic fantasy. They have created a world of sexy fembots that require testing, maintenance and sexual satisfaction for normal use.
SciFi Dreamgirls
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The videos are setup with a clinical feel for observation and tests, but what it more portrays is a mad-scientist's laboratory. Technicians in safety clothing, masks and rubber gloves come in to inspect the android women on exam tables. Sometimes the gynoids need to be examined for carnal upgrades or have their breasts and pussies explored for more experiments.

The tech doctors run tests on the femdroids – which include touch sensations, masturbation and some sexual intercourse. Many scenes are just technical orders where the lab guys make the subjects move and obey their requests. Often forcing sextoys and devices to see what the reaction the fem-bot has on different techniques of masturbation.

As you can imagine, the whole thing is strangely arousing, and watching the robotic babes take orders and comply is so out of the ordinary that it becomes further erotic. The AI babes respond to touch and are often finger fucked on the medical tables. A few of them suck cock and get fucked as the lab techs can't seem to help themselves from getting off with their creations.

Rosie Bot comes to mind here, where she is already at the advanced human trials level of production. She is beautiful, obedient and satisfying to her master. The testing and work put into this unit has paid off, Rosie is touch-sensitive and can experience orgasms as well as being pressure sensitive to give gentle handjobs for cumshot finales.

The content is further creative with many scenes venturing into other sexy situations like lesbian fun with a pair of fembots or humans, solo masturbation tests and even the sexy lab assistant gets in on the action too. Though she is on standby during many scenes, the assistant makes her own tweaks and has fun with the artifical women further exploring a femdom element.

The movies are updated in parts and often follow an ongoing storyline for the episodes. The overall fantasy involved here is immersive and it's exciting to follow in on the robot-fetish idea entirely. Videos are available in streaming media only, however it is quality based with native-HD 720p streaming options that look fantastic. Also, as a member you can request to download an episode if you must have it in your collection. Further, each scene has matching screenshot galleries available – and some photo galleries too.

At the end of the day, this review only briefly touches upon what's available to experience at The sexbot element is only part of the erotic equation – with sex, uniforms, bdsm, femdom and submission heavily fetishized throughout the scenes. Lets just hope they continue on with more updates, after all female robot prototypes have a tendency to malfunction. Enjoy!

Rating 9.3 Excellent
Monthly $29.95
Category FetishReality

HD video options

H264: 1280x720 @ 4.4Mbps
H264: 700x394 Streaming

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JPG: 1200x1480
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Strong points

Unique fembot scenes, HD Streams, hot models

Weak points

Download request only, few photo galleries, update schedule
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