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Sex Boss POV Review

Full Review by Jasin

Bringing you a new sensation in first person porn, Sex Boss POV has a unique delivery style where vertical videos keep your eye focused on what's important: Hot young women teasing and pleasuring themselves in a direct view where nothing else matters.
Sex Boss POV
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The videos are shot in a distinct manner, where the camera is turned on its side to capture the long aspect ratio where only the sexy girl is in the frame. This technique provides a longer height than width look, so it's certainly a close view of the horny subject, and little else. In fact, the content here is kinda designed specifically for mobile use only; where handheld tablets make the ideal device for viewing.

Each scene features a lovely porn-girl that has 'that certain something', that she brings to the scene. Could be her flawless skin, big breasts and perfectly shaved pussy. It could be her dangerous curves and sensual flirt that she expertly teases. The beautiful girls put on a hell of a show; masturbating, touching erotically and often fucking a sextoy torso that makes her orgasm hard! A few scenes deliver POV blowjobs and fetishy balloon popping in the nude too.

Further, the audio is specialized with a 3D virtual surround sound – so when the girl is doing her dirty sex-talk, she is all around you and sometimes in your head! It's a cool effect and adds to the erotic POV atmosphere. For testing purposes, I plugged headphones into my iPad3 and sat back while the amazing Celeste performed. The experience is remarkable – as the wet cuties play in a virtual lap dance form – grinding their way to orgasm for your eyes only!

The high resolution of it all is a real killer feature too for tablet viewing only – the video fills the small screen nicely with total clarity and hotness that is in-your-face. However, on a desktop the content kinda falls flat – computer screens are just too wide, and this narrow view is limiting, to say the least. The POV scenes are available for easy online streaming for both mobile/desktop users, and download options come in at vertical 960p and 1440p HD resolutions. Which we know isn't quite full HD spec. Further, each video also has a photo gallery with limited images of the girls in total vert POV poses.

Each video scene is further cut into segmented clips for stream, so if you like a certain move the girl does, you can quickly go back to it over and over. At the end of the day, SexBossPOV is certainly original for tablet based point of view porn fun. Plus, they have a really hot young women that absolutely make POV porn come alive while you watch and stroke! A must see for sure!

Rating 8.7 Wow
Monthly $29.95

HD video options

H264: 810x1440 @ 10Mbps
H264: 540x960 @ 2.4Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 995x1462

Strong points

Unique vertical POV, really hot girls, virtual surround audio

Weak points

Few scene so far, limited photos, tablet driven viewing
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