Date added: 04/14/2014

Sex Japan TV Review

Full Review by Ric

More voyeur everything, please! Sex Japan TV is a network of amateur Japanese girls caught with their pants down, so to speak. The sites revolve around potty play, naughty pickups and hardcore sex.
Sex Japan TV
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The hidden cam style is used throughout the scenes and capture more than just young women using the bathroom. In Voyeur Japan TV, the Asian girls are caught in public, flashing and playing with themselves – or masturbating in semi-private areas while being watched. It's thrilling to see, as the girls are often somewhat obstructed bringing out exciting fantasies of a real peeper view.

Piss Japan TV specializes in public urination where average Japanese girls pop-a-squat in alleyways and private drives to relieve themselves. The girls hike up their skirts and pull their panties down as they bend down and let their pee flow between their legs. These clips are total peeping tom, creeper style often following the girls walking around before and after they pee in the streets.

The hardcore updates round out the whole set well with amateur young women fucked and played with in a variety of different fetishes. To go along with the wet and mess play, there's forced masturbation, milfs, hairy pussies, deep insertions, lesbians and even a guy or two getting pegged in the bunch. This is basically amateur asian+perverted fetish hardcore porn at its finest!

Movies are available to stream in a browser embedded player fixed in size. Saving the voyeur videos are a snap with a high and low bandwidth 720p HD option for download or stream on mobile devices. Usually screenshot images are available along with the indecent videos. Though most of the watersports updates are HD, the hardcore archive falls to DVD quality for the early additions. Further, the members area is set up nicely with linked sex categories, specific descriptions and easy navigation.

Overall, the voyeur aspect of the content here is done right! Plus, the various spy-cam angles and locations draw more excitement as you watch the girls trying to be quiet as they get off inconspicuously. All of which really puts you in the same naughty mood and anticipation of getting caught while peeking! Enjoy.

Rating 8.3 Great
Monthly $24.96
Category AsianVoyeur

HD video options

H264: 1280x720 @ 4.5Mbps
H264: 1280x720 @ 1.7Mbps
H264: 720x480 @ 1.6Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1280x720 screen
JPG: 800x450

Strong points

Great voyeur scenes, asian fetish variety, good sized collection

Weak points

Some low quality scenes, limited photos, transfer limits, site can be slow
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