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Sexual Disgrace Review

Full Review by Jasin

Sexual Disgrace delivers total submission hardcore porn with multiple BDSM flavors to go around. It's serious, it's brutal and it's certainly aggressive – as the young women are put in place and used to the fullest capacity possible.
Sexual Disgrace
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However, this is all a planned event and scenes begin with a pre-interview type situation where the happy girl breaks down what she is up for and how down she is for being a complete submissive slut in her scene. It's a nice moment before she becomes a total sexual play thing at the hands of the crafty master. And with only a few minutes of discussion, the scene just cuts into the girl getting used up hard!

Other than the interview, there isn't much of a setup – we kinda just jump into the scene that's already ongoing. The girl is already riding a sybian or bound in Shibari ropes or leather constricting her into a serving pose. We never see the actual harnessing, as the scenes get into the guts and glory right away as the girl submits. Then, she is either finger fucked, forced vibrator/dildo or made to deepthroat cock as the sessions get underway.

Often pulling away from the forced acts, the girls are reluctant when they are in a moveable position. But once the fucking starts, the dominating master makes sure this sexual slut is restrained beyond all movement, with little wiggle-room to be exact. The young women are fucked, spanked and squeezed as they serve submissively. Though the master isn't very creative, often falling back to the deep-choke BJ - she is fucked hard and cum on, or made to eat jizz in the end. A total disgraceful sub style finale for sure.

All the BDSM content here is set up for download and online playback with an inline streaming video player embedded in your browser. The streams work well and have selectable bandwidths to cycle through depending on your internet connection. The same stream options are available to download in the h.264 format with tiny mobile to HD 1080p resolutions available. Photo galleries also accompany each scene, but with low-res images of all the disgraceful sex.

Finally, the site comes bundled in the Fetish Network of all things SM taboo hardcore with more dom/sub styled sites as well as foot fetish, teen and lingerie hardcore as well. Rope bondage hardcore done right is always fascinating to see, but the whole network is interesting and worth the price of admission – give it a try!

Rating 8.9 Wow
Monthly $39.95
Category BDSM

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 3.1Mbps
H264: 960x540 @ 1.5Mbps
H264: 480x270 @ 0.7Mbps
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JPG: 1024x683

Strong points

Good bdsm variety, multiple video/streams, 1080 video, bonus site access

Weak points

Low res photos, layout/nav
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