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Shop Lyfter Review

Full Review by Ric

This might be a news flash to some, but a lot of women steal shit on a regular basis. The Shop Lyfter site has taken this fact and added a sexual twist where the girls getting busted will do what it takes to get out of a bad situation.
Shop Lyfter
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The fantasy runs thick wit this one, and the scenes kinda take time to develop as the girls are brought into the back room, post getting busted. This is where the girl interviewed by some store security manager. He is well dressed, strict, and is calling the shots – though his face is blurred. Some of these intros take forever to get going, with a ton of downtime per scene.

This guy is above the rent-a-cop type and seriously wants to make the girl sweat a bit, while she is in trouble after getting caught. There is good reality drives here as authoritative man discusses the merchandise she was caught with and how they could potentially be arrested for their shoplifting crimes.

It's all hot fantasy that finally escalates to the girls stripping, getting groped and performing oral sex in a means to getting out. Though hesitant at first, the girls know that using their sexuality will only help things. And the cock sucking always leads to the young women bending over the desk and fucked doggystyle by the security officer.

The back room is outfitted with several cams, so we get all the angles as each caught, shop lifter girl is spread out on the tables and chairs and banged. Wide and top-view shots, plus POV angles show deep pussy penetration, all the way up to the cumshot facial, swallow and near creampie pull outs! In the end, the girls get off too.

All content is set up for streaming and download options in an inline-updated members area. Stream right in place, or load up the scene in its own window with quality playback. Download are available in mobile through 1080p HD and there are screenshots and photos to match each update too.

Another fun bit is they use case number style scene titles - though you'll know which porn-girl is getting caught and nailed soon enough! Though few scenes make up the collection so far, the site is off to a great start with a unique take on girls being naughty and having to put out. Go for it!

Rating 8.9 Wow
Monthly $17.87
Category RealityVoyeur

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 12Mbps
H264: 960x540 @ 2.7Mbps
H264: 640x360 @ 0.8Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1350x900

Strong points

Fun sex fantasy, hot girls, 1080 video, quality streams

Weak points

Layout/nav, few scenes so far, long scene setups
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