Date added: 10/26/2015

Shower Spy Cameras Review

Full Review by Ric

The voyeur in you will love this style of nudity. At Shower Spy Cameras, they seem to have the ultimate hook up in capturing the unsuspected as they get naked and wet. Whether it be at the beach, fitness center or swimming pool – these guys have an incredible view on girls showering.
Shower Spy Cameras
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For the most part, these are fixed hidden cameras in walls or as part of security systems in the public showers of spas and health clubs. It's the idea of watching these women while they are unaware that makes it so horny. The cameras pick up everything in sight, from the nude girls and ladies just walking by, to the ones scrubbing their tits and pussies hard.

As basic as the members area is, there are different cameras links that fit into categories of voyeur nudity. You can switch collections of indoor showers, to locker rooms to beaches and outdoor sprays. There is a lot of content here with a variety of themes, however the categories are as basic as it gets. With big ass, milf, panties, teen, hairy, pregnant and shaved separating content. This is the type of site that you have to just hunt and click around to find stuff you like.

What's also great is, you see all these men and women nude or partially nude together in the same place (for the beach sets), and you can kinda see the guys creeping out a bit and making sure to look at the naked girls next to them on the sly. It's a casual thing that has evolved from straight up gawking to looking but making it look like you are uninterested. All of which is kinda fun to watch.

All content is available to download at 1080p HD first and foremost, which is a total highlight of the site. But it's all either fixed camera or handheld stuff with random zoom and angles for nude people watching. Each scene also has a streaming video player setup, but we couldn't get it to work at all – surely, this will be fixed soon. Each scene also has a screen-cap gallery of every naked girl moment from the videos.

Overall, the voyeur secret-cam thing is kinda overly mainstream in this day and age. Yes, there is some crafty setups with known hidden cams in place and performance style antics for the spy cam look that go around. Still, watching an unsuspecting average, next-door type girl get naked and shower like no one's watching is one hot topic that I will always be in tune for.

Rating 7.8 Cool
Monthly $29.95
Category Voyeur

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 10Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1920x1080 screen

Strong points

Cool voyeur nudity, good sized collection, 1080 video

Weak points

Short clips, only basic categories, layout/nav
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