Date added: 10/11/2009

Skokoff Review

Full Review by Jasin

Skokoff excerpt: At Skokoff you will find well-known erotic models, of course, but I prefer to find and shoot normal, average beauties - the type of girls you may see walking down the street, sitting in a cafe, on the bus, or living right next door. There is something irresistible in the undiscovered beauty and innate sensuality of the 'girl next door'.
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Videos come in a three flavors per scene: wmv, divx and a quicktime. The HD version is in the DivX format but it is not encoded with the divx codec, in fact, they use weird codecs for all their videos. So if you have problems playing this content that is why.

Also, some of the wmv labeled video is actually mpeg4 encoded and letterboxed. What?? It appears like the videos on Skokoff are kind of an after thought to the site, so they didn't go to any lengths making them correctly. Also, all videos have the jazzy ambient style music in the background as many sites like this do.

Each model has her own mini bio and short description followed by her picture and video content. Photos are the main focus here at Skokoff, as they have far more photo sets than videos.

The photography is a straight up amateur glamour twist in the magazine style and available in three resolutions. The images look great and each model has at least 2 photo sets in their collections, most with 5 or more though. They update often per month with photo sets, but rarely with videos. Most models have no video sets at all.

This is obviously a tame site and you aren't going to see much masturbation. But the girls are lovely and pure and you get full on nude body shots with pussy close ups as the girls sprawl and slink about.

The models are cute and display real grace and beauty in their scenes, all the while still broadcasting they are very sexual creatures. There is a mixture of indoor and outdoor scenes in this collection. Overall the presentation here is done well, but the finer details all around still need work.

Rating 7.4 Okay
Monthly $19.95
Category Softcore

HD video options

DivX: 1280x720 @ 2.5Mbps
MOV: 720x480 @ 2.9Mbps
WMV: 424x240 @ 3.8Mbps
MP4: 424x240 @ 2.1Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 2000x3000
JPG: 2000x1330
JPG: 1000x1500

Strong points

Cute amateur russian girls, high res photography

Weak points

Few videos, tame lackluster scenes, low bitrates, full length video only, weird codecs
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