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Smother Sluts Review

Full Review by Ric

Smother Sluts doesn't update anymore because of some reason or another – but we feel it is beneficial to you to know about this site, therefore we are including it in our database of HDporn goodness. There, I said it.
Smother Sluts
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This site is produced by the fine people at Fetish Network, which run all kinds of fetish and bdsm driven hardcore sites in one place for the masses to enjoy. But there are few sites that are devoted to the art of pussy eating as a femdom tactic. So, we must deliver the goods as an act of preservation for those interested in this very fantasy.

The content here is devoted to the fetish of smothering, where girls use cunnilingus as a form of control. It involves breath control, strong tongue mechanics and a helplessness of being sat on – all at the same time. The girls involved in this are absolute pros in the ways of getting faces and tongues deep inside their pussies for their own pleasure.

From the very start it's an act of passion and selfishness on the girl's part. They strip and spread in full tease-style enamor. Soon thereafter, they have a guy eating both their ass and pussy with a forceful nature. She is either sitting on his face, blocking his breathing, or she is holding his head, pressed against her clit – as he tongue fucks her horny holes deeply.

What it comes down to is hot as fuck oral sex moments, with that female domination twist added in for good measure. She rides on his gentlemanly face and gets herself off on his lips and nose, grinding herself to orgasm with his efforts. Then instantly gets up and takes off leaving the guy with blue balls from hell, as she is ultimately satisfied. It's quite the hot transaction of man-usage, I must say.

All content her is set up in the same format as the rest of the Fetish Network archive, where there is download and stream options available. The streams are set up with multiple resolutions as a drop down menu fixed to a player at 490p – and the downloads are available at mobile to 720 and 1080p HD resolutions for most scenes in the collection. Plus, there are screenshot gallery based photo sets for each scene attached too.

The content that's left here is outstanding, however the site itself doesn't seem to be updating regularly. Still, this is one hot fetish driven smothering site that you need to get in on – if you're a fan of the sport, that is. Plus, the added bonus of fetish-variety network available is worth a nod or two.

Rating 7.0 Meh
Monthly $39.95
Category Femdom

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 8Mbps
H264: 1280x720 @ 3Mbps
H264: 960x540 @ 1.4Mbps
H264: 480x270 @ 0.7Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1024x576 screen

Strong points

Great smother fetish scenes, some 1080 video, quality streams available, bonus

Weak points

No longer updated, low res photos, mixed quality throughout
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