Date added: 10/08/2011

Spitsters Review

Full Review by Jasin

This is definitely a focused fetish for spit lovers – perhaps there is just something about seeing a girl covered in a liquid that isn't cum for a change of pace. I'd say is a very lesbian-esque style of site, even though the girls are hardly getting it on with each other.
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Still they are swapping spit after all, so that in itself is sexualized. The spit only genre may not be for everyone – a unique approach though. Similar to other sites in this network, you get 1080p and two lower res wmv/mpeg1 video formats for download.

Each scene has a small flash based streaming video player where you can play each minute with a playlist style player, and alternatively the full length too. This streaming video player doesn't seem to be the instant h.264 kind where you can't skip around in the timeline, but instead you gotta wait till the video buffers up. Overall the videos look good.

The whole spit thing, yea I don't think I get it. At they are trying to bring sensuality to the spit game. You know, sensually dripping spit down the girls breasts, kissing and letting it dribble down her cleavage, swapping spittle from mouth to mouth.

Also, rubbing in the saliva onto the girls ass or tits and generally playing with the slippery stuff as they makeout. What I was thinking is, they'd be a bit more hardcore with their spit activities. Like, incorporating spit into their intense lesbian fuck sessions. Or taking turns spitting on the other girl while working her pussy with dildos; maybe face spitting contests!

Good sized photo galleries accompany each scene and provide great action stills of the slobbering girls. If you are one of the few that like seeing pretty girls with streams of spit dripping from their mouths and their naughty bits, has you covered!

Maybe a little more hardcore oriented scenes will pop up too. Still you gain access to a network of varied hardcore porn, so there is plenty of good stuff for you to drool over!

Rating 6.8 Meh
Monthly $27.95
Category Lesbian

HD video options

WMV: 1920x1080 @ 9.5Mbps
WMV: 640x360 @ 2.9Mbps
MPG1: 360x202 @ 0.7Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1136x757
JPG: 800x540 screenshot

Strong points

Unique spit scenes, 1080 video, fast servers, network accesss

Weak points

Buffer only streams, few updates so far, soft-ish content, some low quality scenes
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