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Spy Hospital Review

Full Review by Ric

So Spy Hospital takes you on new thrill-ride blending the gyno-style insertions fantasy with total hidden cam spy technology. And as masters of medical exam porn, they kinda go wild with the spycam aspect of it all.
Spy Hospital
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Gynecological exams are a unique fetish to start, with deep insertions of fingers, vagina stretching with speculums, and general medical checkup that is arousing to watch. The idea of seeing something so personal go down with a young woman and her private parts open and spread, triggers sexiness and naughty feelings for sure.

However, here at SpyHospital they have added in a voyeur concept where we are no longer in the room with these improper exams, but rather watching it from a voyeur view. All content is shot via hidden cams positioned near the exam tables, so you never really get a full on direct look at the girl's vagina – instead, you see an overall view of the young women during their procedures.

The girls are petite, 18+ and attractive for sure. As the scenes begin, it's standard doctor/patient protocol, well except the girl usually strips down to her panties as he checks her vitals and examines her breasts. Then the girl gets into the stirrup table for the deep gyno portion where her pussy is played with by the doc – he finger bangs her, uses sextoys to fuck her, speculum spreads and sometimes administers enemas into her vagina. There is good patient-fun variety here to be seen.

It's all very clinical and enjoyable, however they kinda run with the real spy-cam fantasy of it all – which can become a bit too much in some cases. For one, there is no audio at all in the videos, and the movies playback at somewhat low frame rates, where they utilize the cctv look extensively. Members have options to stream the videos at 360p or download the scenes with mobile and 720p HD resolutions. The voyeur nature is hot to see, but no sounds at all take you out of the moment, so to speak.

As a new voyeur-porn site, the base collection here is still growing and fleshing out. Overall, it's all hit or miss in terms of horniness, as I'd at least like to hear the interaction between the doctor and patient – since they go to such great lengths to make it look very real. Take a peek!

Rating 8.0 Cool
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HD video options

WMV: 1280x720 @ 2.0Mbps
H264: 640x360 @ 1.7Mbps
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Strong points

Cool gyno voyeur, hot girls, good looking videos

Weak points

Small collection so far, no audio in videos, no images, basic site
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