Date added: 12/26/2016

Sssh Review

Full Review by Jasin

The Sssh site has always been a for-women focused site with a view for eroticism from a female point of view. The site itself is more of a blog with the atmosphere of all things sexual related.
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The blog style of the site is what sets it up as a tool for information and ideas. The site is loaded with articles about sexy topics, including sex positions, instructional videos, erotic stories, kink explanations, etc. You will find yourself exploring deeper into all aspects once you start digging around.

Reading articles aside, there is a members area of porn videos too. This area seems to have branched off from the instructional videos of sex positions and love making that the site was perhaps once focused on.

Now there are both Sssh exclusives and licensed porn videos from similar love-making sites or drama types. The scenes are carefully selected for a more passionate style but are of a hardcore nature.

It’s certainly the softer side of sex and there are elements of fantasy in each video to get your motor running, so to speak. The video section is divided by channels for general categories ranging from love making couples, lesbian trysts, male focused, and fetish styles too.

The sex-movies are delivered in streaming form only – where you must watch from your browser online. But there isn’t great video quality anywhere - and only basic streaming without a bandwidth matching quality system in place. Newest updates do have HD quality streams, but for the most part the content is hit or miss in terms of consistent quality.

Further, for a blog type of site, there are no dates anywhere – it’s impossible to tell what is new, and when it was updated. It’s kinda like this sex blog started as a fun hobby then branched out to become a members pay site, but was forgotten along the way.

Still, there is plenty of sex information at, and the site is fun to explore – there just seems to be a lot missing.

Rating 6.6 Meh
Monthly $17.95
Category Art Porn

HD video options

Streaming video

Strong points

Cool woman focused blog style

Weak points

Limited porn content, limited downloads, blog layout, unknown updates
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