Date added: 03/13/2015

Stretched Out Snatch Review

Full Review by Jasin

The bigger the better is what they always say. And nothing rings more true than at Stretched Out Snatch – where big dildos and insertions are a way of life for these orgasm loving sluts.
Stretched Out Snatch
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It's true though, sometimes only the biggest item will work in the orgasm game of life. And these girls play by that rule, where only that completely-full pussy feeling is the way to the glory land! This is all solo masturbation where large unreal-cock sized dildos are not only a goal to reach, but a reality for some seriously stretched vaginas that love expansion.

The scenes are hot and explore the idea of taking a horny pussy to its very limits. The girls are obviously masturbation experts at this point in their lives, but this site is all about taking their holes beyond the call of duty. It's a showcase of pussy play that blurs the lines of pleasure and pain! Which is both full of awesome and wonderment as these standard-issue snatches are stretched for entertainment!

Each scene is unique and takes you through the actual process of getting a big fucking dildo into the girl's tight hole. There is finger play and clit flicking that warms her up, leading to finger fucking to test the silky waters. Then the regular sextoys are brought out, which can include vibrators to coat the way for the final countdown. That's where the big one is brought out, which can be huge 10 inchers to extreme horse-dong sized insertions that get only a girthy cock-head in before the pain is unbearable.

This is where SOS shines – it's amazing and curious for those that need the sting of satisfaction! Plus, as part of the New Sensations network, you gain access to all the crazy pornstar hardcore from the included sites. Further, all content is available for streaming in a large embedded player with multiple bandwidth options for online playback. The very latest updates have full HD 1080p, 720p and a host of mobile video options for download. Plus, you get vid-cap and still photo galleries attached to each masturbation video.

The stretched out pussy self-pleasure thing is so far most entertaining. These girls take on personal best-stretch goals and endure difficult challenges – all in the name of having their pussies stuffed and really opened up by huge sex toys, for your amusement! is there anything better?!

Rating 9.0 Wow
Monthly $29.95
Category Deep Insertions

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 4Mbps
H264: 1440x810 @ 4Mbps
H264: 1280x720 @ 4Mbps
H264: 640x360 @ 1.2Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1920x1280
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Strong points

Amazing stretched pussies, hot pornstars, 1080 video, quality streams, bonus

Weak points

Low quality archive, irregular updating
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