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SW Nude Review

Full Review by Davis

SWNude is submission wrestling nude. Featuring some very sexy and well built young men, they seem to be based in the Eastern Europe and Russian area with similarly toned men, uncut cocks and a desire to conquer!
SW Nude
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The matches are done well and start out with the young men doing stretching exercises in their underwear trunks. Getting those muscles heated up and the blood flowing; it’s fun to watch them help each other lean in and limber up. Then in an instant the match begins with quick grabs as each tries to drop the other and pin him.

As the second round begins, the guys drop their underwear and start again, this time in the nude. Their dangling soft cocks and firm asses are now just part of the wrestling show. The thing is, the guys seem to really be getting into the wrestling – they are getting winded as they struggle in the arms of their foe. Trying out moves and holds to get their opponent to tap out. And each has scoring cards that they rank up as they win the round.

I don’t see how they don’t just have raging hardons while they roll around on the mat together. I suppose adrenaline has blood flowing to other parts of the body instead. However, the wrestling sessions aren’t very sexual at all, in fact – they are really wrestling for the win it seems.

After a few rounds of rolling around on the mat, the exhausted men rub each others naked bodies down with oil. Perhaps the winner of the match gets to do the honors? Still, it’s all very non-gay in the approach – at this point I’m beginning to think these are actual straight men brought together for the scene.

They methodically stroke their cocks sitting side-by-side on the mat, some seem to be watching porn off in the distance. A few stroke each other for a bit, but that doesn’t go over well since these are straight guys, remember? After they make themselves cum, either on their stomachs or right on the mat, the duos shower together and wash up.

Videos are available with a short description detailing the scene and full length download links in wmv at 720p. You can also stream the videos in a small flash streaming player from your browser. The scenes are broken up into two parts, with the wrestling bits in one, and the jack off and showering in the other. Low resolution photo sets come with each scene capturing the whole wrestling match from start to finish.

At the end of the day, I’m puzzled with the audience SW Nude is going for. This is real amateur-style wrestling, but the guys are nude – and solo jackoff at the end? I suppose if you like watching naked men wrestle with no funny business, then you can just skip the jack-off sessions. And if you like watching straight guys jack off, then there is content for that too.

But, if you are looking for actual gay-porn wrestling, you’re not gonna find it here.

Rating 7.0 Meh
Monthly $14.95
Category Gay Porn

HD video options

WMV: 1280x720 @ 2.0Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1240x827
JPG: 900x600 screen

Strong points

Real nude wrestling, hot young men, exclusive scenes

Weak points

Non-sexual content, low res photos, smallish collection
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