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Tied Virgins Review

Full Review by Jasin

There's a first time for everything, and for these real amateur young women, Tied Virgins serves as the introductory course to bdsm play! Being curious about getting into bondage, these first timers are shown the ropes, allowing their excitement, thrills and fears to be explored thoroughly.
Tied Virgins
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The video scenes begin already after the girl is tied up – so you don't get to see her getting naked or meticulously strapped down and gagged. She merely appears totally nude or in panties and helpless in the frame with the off-cam producer ready to go to work. Perhaps they leave out the uncertainty of it all, where the young women have decisions to partake or not.

Still, this is amateur enterprise and the scenes take place in living rooms, bathroom floors and balcony rails. our clever stage-hand gets to the task at hand armed with a badass Hitachi magic wand vibrator that he wanders around her exposed erogenous zones. And being bound and ball-gagged, all she can do is squirm and wiggle around in her shackles.

Some girls get the tickle on their clits and laugh or moan as he teases the pressure on their soft skin. They all eventually squeal out as the forced orgasm reaches a redline – as the pleasure/pain is mercilessly applied. Then it goes on and on – the girls soon realize the full extent of being a slave to pleasure. A few pony bridle harnesses make their way into the young women's mouths and some get the cellophane wrap treatment too. These are hot visuals to see, and further put a spin on the helpless overall theme.

The site is pretty basic, aside from scene ratings, there is no further user community or input. Videos are available in a single wmv format that forces viewers to stream in the Winmedia player, or download when that fails. All videos are letterboxed so the frame size is this oddball 1280x960 size with black bars – perhaps the producers are still grasping widescreen formatting. Further, there are few videos all together, most updates are only photo based with high resolution snapshot photography.

Tied Virgins has a crafty fantasy going on, however a key piece is missing – which is watching the cute, amateur girl getting tied up, restrained and gagged. It's not so much the act of seeing the girls getting meticulously restrained, but the total submission that is implied in the process – and the reaction the girls have to knowing they are going to be under absolute control.

Rating 7.0 Meh
Monthly $24.95
Category BDSM

HD video options

WMV: 1280x960 @ 3.0Mbps
WMV: 1080x780 @ 2.0Mbps

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JPG: 2000x1328
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Strong points

BDSM first timers, cute girls, high res images

Weak points

Few videos, single wmv/stream, letter box video
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