Date added: 01/29/2012

Tokyo Face Fuck Review

Full Review by Jasin

As we all know it's not a true face-fuck unless the girl is slobbering and gasping for air as the cock is slammed in her face over and over. You know, smeared dripping mascara running from her watery eyes and that desperate look in her face wondering if it's over yet.
Tokyo Face Fuck
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Tokyo Facefuck hits all these check points and then some on their unique brand of aggressive Asian blowjobs! Cute amateur Japanese girls aside, the content here can get brutal! All shot in a point of view style, we are looking down on the cuties as they suck dick as best they can, making that cock cum with the force of a thousand suns! Further, some of the scenes add in bdsm styles and forced masturbation on the girls using those fierce Hitachi no-mercy vibrators.

The updates are broken up into two parts per scene. So you get both an intro session where the girls are toyed with on the floor, fingered and generally played with in front of the camera before she starts sucking. Then, her second part starts off right in the thick of the blowjob face fuck. The petite Asian girl is already tied up, on the floor and drooling as her tonsils are bashed by a mushroom tip.

Squirming and often unable to shove the guy away, the girl's small mouth is covered with spittle and precum as her head is held and forced onto dick. Though whimpering and suffering through the whole process, she gets the job done and he eventually cums right in her sore throat or pulls back and unleashes his jizz on her face – only to smear it around and slap her further as he goes soft. Plus, there is sometimes more methodical vibrator time with the girl and her wet pussy, just to finish her off good.

Videos come to you by way of multiple bandwidth streaming media only. You get both 720p and 1080p HD streaming resolutions, plus a couple low-band sizes to watch the action in. No downloads are available, but the content streams effortlessly, looks fantastic and the players work fine for timeline scrubbing – just make sure your internet connection can handle the large bandwidth for high def.

Also, a neat feature is the switchable subtitles right from the player, and the selectable Japanese/English language option for the site. Each scenes comes with a high resolution photo set that chronicles the Japanese girl from a shy cutie to drenched in jizz/spit and a cum-dumpster style mouth whore. Good stuff!

Though not even a low-end download and a basic site in terms of member interaction, updates are regular and the hard blowjob face-fucking content really speaks for itself. Recommended!

Rating 9.0 Wow
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Streaming: 1920x1080
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JPG: 2642x3648
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Strong points

Hot aggressive blowjobs, HD streams, high-res photography, hot girls

Weak points

Basic site
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