Date added: 08/16/2016

Wankz VR Review

Full Review by Jasin

Wankz VR is probably the most mainstream styled version of VR porn available right now – with a truly top end style and the horny pornstars to match! This is the VR porn site you’ll be following for a while.
Wankz VR
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In the proper VR porn fashion that is currently on the rise, the scenes here are set with unique themes that add in fantasy styles for every update. Each scene has a reality drive that pretty much sets you up for a fantasy that creates the mood and pulls you into the story at hand as the scene gets underway.

Though a whole collection is available here, the scenes are creative one-offs built to entice and keep you interested in a variety of POV fantasies come to life. Some include the pop culture parody styles like Game of Moans and Strokémon Go, along with the super hero outfits and real world teenporn driven set ups too.

It’s fun stuff, and the content is shot in first person style with both the main view and the stereoscopic style for VR headsets. Each scene is further available to stream online in both formats, where you can watch the scene as normal or strap on your smartphone cardboard gear for instant stream VR view!

Though, these streaming VR versions are some what lower in quality you get all the goodies of VR-view with multi-bandwidth playback, head tracking and controls built into the view finder. Though somewhat low in quality regardless of which bandwidth you select.

Downloads are set in all the common VR devices from Oculus to GearVR and cardboard/phone varieties for easy transfer for playback – with some high/med and 60fps variations as well. All with somewhat low bitrates too, for the 25+ minute movies.

No photos seem to be a part of this VR experience, other than quick slideshow screen grabs from the vids. But the members area is setup thoughtfully with all the details for every update readily available. Plus, there is a pornstar index along with member integration ratings and a feedback discussion for any praise or difficulties encountered. has solid content for your VR device and the porn girl selection is what really makes it all work! Plus, as part of the Wankz network, there will always be more reality hardcore content in HD and 4K to go around while you wait for the VR selection to grow! Go for it.

Rating 8.9 Wow
Monthly $21.99
Category VR Porn

HD video options

H264: 3200x1600 @ 13Mbps
H264: 2160x1080 @ 7.4Mbps
H264: 1440x720 @ 3.8Mbps

Strong points

Great VR content, streaming vr mode, good sized selection, bonus sites

Weak points

Mixed quality streams and downloads, no photos
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