Date added: 02/20/2013

WTF Pass Review

Full Review by Ric

What the fuck? That's what WTFPass wants you to say as you go through their catalog of creative group/reality driven porn. Nine sites are included, all with a touch of humor, petite 18+ girl hotness and just the right amount of wtf that you might be looking for.
WTF Pass
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The bulk of the content is focused around group sex type get togethers with College Fuck Partieshosting the largest update index. It's typical Russian and Eastern Europe college aged girls and guys out on a good time with typical drinking and crazy-ass fucking. The young women are attractive amateurs, and with the kind of sex they are into, it looks like they have few limits.

Group sex is always fun and the girls are plugged in every hole, and in every which way possible. The scenes incorporate fierce vag/anal sex with blowjobs, lesbian hardcore, double penetration, cumshot facials and jizz swallowing. Plus, more specific categories like stockings, lingerie and tattoos also appear within the scenes.

The girls are fucked over good and properly, as most scenes do lean toward anal. Hard Fuck Girls definitely comes to mind as one girl is usually dominated by multiple guys and passed around on each cock for her holes. The guys get way aggressive where it looks like they are actually showing off for each other as they mercilessly pound the girl's pussy and ass hole. Often slapping their cocks on her face as she struggles to deep throat and not pass out.

The thing about group sex parties is they are long sessions, and WTFPass puts them into parts for download. But these are 40-60 minute segments, so downloads can take a while. There are also more straight forward 1on1 type sessions with sites like Dolls Porn and HD Massage Porn. Here you get a break from most of the brutal fuck-throwdowns, and see a more typical suck/fuck/cum type thing.

Videos are available in what looks like multiple formats for every kind of computer/mobile device imaginable. However, what it boils down to is about four similar resolutions in wmv and h.264 formats. HD 720p comes in a couple of variations of mp4, plus many more low end versions and mobile options. You can also stream the entire move in the embedded player from your browser too. Good sized photo galleries come with each update, though varying in resolutions. Not all scenes have the same video options, and a lot of the archive is standard def.

Then there's Panda Fuck of course, which garners the 'What The Fuck' phrase more than any other site.. evar. It's basically takes 18+ girls, a giant panda, a big dildo and complete madness and mixes them together. Definitely a shift into fantasy and perhaps delusion – but the girls basically fuck the panda's dildo strap-on through the fur suit.

The network of sites is organized neatly with separate site portals to peruse through. Plus, you can easily see the top girls across the board, top scenes ranked throughout and match category tagged content. Overall, features non-mixed-exclusive content. Plus, the archive is huge, so making your way through all of it will be an adventure in itself. Have at it!

Rating 8.1 Great
Monthly $19.95
Category Network

HD video options

H264: 1280x720 @ 3.7Mbps
WMV: 1024x576 @ 1.3Mbps
H264: 768x432 @ 0.5Mbps
H264: 480x272 @ 0.3Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1800x1200
JPG: 1600x1067

Strong points

Group sex/hardcore variety, multiple video options, hot girls, lots of content

Weak points

Low quality archive, non exclusives, mixed quality throughout, updating
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