A Delicate Dance - Erotica X
Date added: 02/15/2016
by Jasin

There is just something about seeing a beautiful young woman in a sheer unitard in and empty room dancing. And stripping, yep there's stripping also going on. However, this isn't no ordinary girl, this is the absolutely amazing Jenna Ross from Erotica X – and she's just getting started.
A Delicate Dance - Erotica X
This scene works on multiple levels, where they start slow with a solo dance thing, in a ballet style that is as original as it is sexy. Once completely naked, Jenna uses some yoga stretching and techniques as she moves around on the floor wearing only dance shoes.

Her long red hair acts as the dynamic to her moves in the totally white room. Plus, her pale skin seems to blend perfectly, catching light to make her look completely heavenly. She twirls and dances, with glimpses of her ass and pussy on ever turn.

They give her time to get into the dance, and really make it her own, which is enjoyable to watch. She even gets into this killer handstand pose completely naked that will totally rock your world. This girl is perfect and deserve the hot sex she is about to enjoy.

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When Xander shows up, he goes right to work on her horny pussy and tongues her wet hole as he spreads it with his fingers. His hands wander up to her hard nipples as she twitches and begs for more. She gets on top and rides his cock in the cowgirl position with the camera set for a deep penetration shot as she goes balls deep on every thrust!

Jenna Ross

Her ass pucker is opening up on its own as she humps up and down and you can see her creaming already on his cock as it goes in and out of her horny snatch! She hops off to taste her own juices and Xander's thick cock is quite the match for her tiny hands and mouth – it's hot watch her struggle, and finally just settles on licking his balls.

Then it's back to fucking gold pumping as Jenna's hole is pounded in mish, and on her side – while orgasms are unleashed with a thick dick buried deep! I think her nipples get even harder near the end. Hot kisses are shared and that big cock finally pulls out and unloads across her pussy, belly and breasts! What a shot.


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