Jean Fuck - Teen Fidelity
Date added: 02/03/2017
by Ric

In the Jean Fucking scene from Teen Fidelity, stud Ryan Madison bangs another smoking hot 18+ babe – this time the sexy raven Sabrina Banks. Sabrina, dressed in skintight blue jeans and a turquoise bra, is spunky and sporty.
Jean Fuck - Teen Fidelity

After spending the day out with her rollerblading in the intense heat, Ryan and Sabrina can barely contain themselves when they get back home. With Sabrina nice and sweaty, she unzips his pants and starts giving him an intense blowjob.

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Ryan then literally tears a hole in Sabrina's blue-denim and moves aside her panties. There is barely any foreplay in this one, just raw, pure carnal sex! She gets on top of him and starts straddling him, riding his cock as his thrusts deep into her over and over again.

He puts her on her back and rams his cock into her tanned pussy and starts pounding her as fast he can from the missionary position. Both of them are so horny that they don't even bother to take their pants off.

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Ryan gives her the pounding of her life and leans in and starts choking Sabrina, as she screams out in approval. We see a close up shot of her asshole and pussy as Ryan fucks her until he cums right inside of her.

After he finishes, he pulls her spread legs to the edge of the bed, her pussy full of cum, and hands her a big black vibrator. She places it on her clit and moans in pleasure, as we see Ryan's cum slowly dripping out of her pussy. This is every man's dream!


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