Scheming Sister - Step Siblings Caught
Date added: 10/27/2016
by Jon

There's a peeking tom in the house, and it's Aubrey Gold's step-brother! Has something so taboo ever look so tempting before? At Step Siblings Caught, there is always a frisky ruse going on for naughty trouble.
Scheming Sister - Step Siblings Caught

In this awesome scene, Aubrey is laying on her bed in just her panties, but little does she know, her step-brother is in the closet recording everything and even has a hidden camera set up on the other end of the room.

She's on the phone with her friend, explaining how she's failed a geometry test, but she immediately gets off, no pun intended, when she hears someone in her closet.

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He comes out with his hard dick literally hanging out of his pants and promises to make sure to keep checking for her failed geometry test in the mail before her dad finds it. Of course, she has to do something in return, and she reluctantly gets on her knees to suck his dick, as we're treated to a POV shot. Her protests soon turn to enjoyment, and he places her on the bed, spreads her legs, and eats her out.

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Then he starts railing her from the side and even from behind. Her nice round juicy ass is in full POV view, and she can't help but thrust it back towards his cock as he fucks her. She's loving every minute of it and clearly doesn't care that it's her step-brother. Something says that they'll be doing this a lot more from now on.

They moan together in unison at the end, with both of them cumming and having an intense orgasm at the same time. They might as well be related at this point, since they seem to get along so well!


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