Stretch Her Ass Out - Fantasy HD
Date added: 03/20/2017
by Ric

In this amazing scene from Fantasy HD, Cece Capella is alone in bed, fantasizing about having her ass penetrated. Good thing she has some toys with her. Wearing just a low-cut top, she starts rubbing her asshole with a butt plug. After she sticks it firmly inside of her, she uses a vibrator to pleasure herself even more.
Stretch Her Ass Out - Fantasy HD

After agreeing to make an exception for a walk-in, while preparing the massage bed, Aspen decides to take it a little further. As Reena undresses in a private area, Aspen unbuttons her top, revealing her huge chest and firm, shredded body.

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Her eyes fully closed as she fantasizes, we soon see her bent over on her knees in a living room, with a young stud intently sitting on the couch. With her butt plug still in and getting her asshole ready for what's to come, she stands up and takes off her top for him, her perky tits on full display.

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She grabs his hand and brings him to the bedroom. She's bent over the bed as he pushes her butt plug in and out, only stopping to eat out her pussy from behind

With her butt plug still in, she starts to suck and stroke his huge cock. Now that he's fully-hard and naturally lubed up, her asshole is ready to be stretched out. He lays her on her back and slowly slides in his enormous cock in her asshole. His slow, deliberate thrusts are backed by her moans of pleasure.

Soon she gets on top of him, riding him reverse cowgirl with his cock fully plunging in her asshole. He thrusts harder into her than before. She's fully stretched out now and drowning in ecstasy. Sometimes, all a girl wants is getting her ass fucked.


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