Kiiroo Cyberdildonics
Date added: 04/18/2016
by Ric

Now is the time to indulge in your sweet tech fantasies of interactive sextoys! Kiiroo is having a sale on their stock of couples and solo pleasure devices that are sync capable.
Kiiroo Cyberdildonics

A brief rundown on Kiiroo

The Kiiroo models of sextoys are based on the future for sexual pleasure that takes advantage of teledildonics. This is basically where you can interact with a device using haptic technology – which applies forces, vibrations or movements to a user.

Using custom software and apps the devices talk to each other and the users can send stimulation to each others devices. All of which is more realistic and fun for partners that enjoy their sexy time with something new, or for lovers that are apart and need something extra!

Kiiroo Packages Sale

There are couples packages, where both men and women can control each others pleasure – with the Pearl dildo and the Onyx fleshlight male stimulator. Plus, you can match up the same sex devices for gay and lesbian packs too.

kiiroo couples

If you're playing solo, you can get a free male masturbator Onyx toy for free with a 6 months subscription to Feel X Videos – to sync your fleshlight with while you view.

Any way you look at it, the intimate cybertoys are here to stay and will only get better with time. Get in on the action with the sale pricing across the board for a limited time!

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