VR Dating Now and in the Future
Date added: 03/19/2017
by Jon

It was inevitable really, but now virtual reality dating is becoming increasingly possible. It's not fully developed, of course, but in the future, virtual reality dating will be a very real possibility. Even now, you can get onboard the VR dating train. Here's what's possible now, as well as what will be possible in the future.
VR Dating Now and in the Future
Right now, virtual reality dating is still in its infancy stage. The technology is not quite there yet to allow it to happen, though there are still various forms of virtual dating that can take place.

For example, teledildonics allows you to interact with someone in another part of the world in which you can actually stimulate them through controlling their sex toy. For example, your girlfriend can use a special vibrator that you can control through an app. Lovense makes special long-distance sex toys for both men and women, which you can learn more about on their site.

Other virtual reality dating possibilities include playing special VR games with others that you can interact with. Admittedly, most of the VR dating games that are available now involve just you and a virtual character or characters.

The Future of Virtual Reality Dating

In the future, virtual reality dating will involve actually going on "virtual dates" with someone that you meet through a dating app. Imagine being able to create an avatar of yourself and to meet up with your date's avatar in a virtual world.

Your movements will be see in real-time by your date, no matter what part of the world he or she is in, and you'll be able to talk and converse just as you would on a real date. This is something that you'll also be able to do with your partner if you're in a long distance relationship.

Besides creating avatars, you both will also have the option of seeing each other in real-time. Picture a video Skype call or a FaceTime call but instead with you and the other person both wearing VR headsets. Each one will be attached with a special camera and sensors that will allow you to feel as if you're actually in front of them. Plus, if you combine this with the teledildonic technology that's already available, you can even "seal the deal" after a date.

Realistic virtual reality dating will become a thing within the next few years, especially since VR technology has caught on with consumers. The future is limitless!


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