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Fake Agent Review

Full Review by Jasin

Fake Agent is a ruse from the start as girls come in for porn auditions only to be tricked by a horny bastard looking to get laid. Then in the typical porn audition style, he nails the girls on the casting couch in some dirty fast sex in order to tryout for porn, so to speak.
Fake Agent
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Initial meet and greet interviews start things off, as the girls get comfy and acquainted with Mr. Agent Man. The dialogue is subtitled and the young women are polite yet mysteriously sexy as he advances to groping and arousal. Often wearing sexy lingerie and panties that they quickly show off as he persuades them to strip down as he takes pics.

The girls are really eager to get down to business and happily suck the big cock set before them, likely trying out new deep throating techniques their girlfriends talk about. The girls are cute and happy to get fucked, quickly spreading and allowing our friendly agent to go in deep. They are obviously enjoying the thrill of the bang too, as you will notice their clits and nipples pop up erect as they are manhandled into different sex positions.

The new amateurs come from all walks of life and look like very authentic next-door types that you haven't seen before. Certainly attractive and naive, but they all have that wild streak that allows them to go to porn auditions and fuck on the spot! As raunchy as it all sounds, this is very hot visually. The real amateurs and the variety of fucking action makes it all work – with scenes leading up from pussy banging to cumshot facials, swallowing and a few hot creampies too. Hot anal fuckings and FFM threesomes make their way into the collection as well.

The videos are available in wmv and h.264 formats with HD 720p and 1080p at the forefront. A standard def video is also available along with a streaming video option for instant playback. All videos look fantastic and take you through the heated hookup of hardcore sex. Keep in mind as these scenes are on the longer side so the download file sizes can get very large.

Further, the disguised agent uses multiple cameras to shoot his sexy antics. A tripod behind the desk captures those initial interview questions and then his handheld gets in there for the close ups and wet-hole penetration shots. However, he kinda mixes between the two so you never really miss a beat of the action.

At the end of the day, gets the porn job done. It's totally dirty fucking sexual intercourse with real amateur girls, and fresh pussies ready to break into porn! And with an already large archive of willing 18+ girls doing the nasty on cam, this casting site is off to a great start! Plus, you can get in on the mega network at Fake Hub allowing access to 15 more sites too, if you desire.

Rating 8.9 Wow
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H264: 1920x1080 @ 4.7Mbps
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Strong points

Awesome amateur hardcore, 1080 video, hot young women, fast transfers, good sized collection

Weak points

No photo/screenshot galleries, ads throughout, basic site
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