Date added: 05/23/2015

Asian Sex Diary Review

Full Review by Jasin

Asian Sex Diary is your direct source at seeing exactly what its like in the clubs and beer bars picking up Asian poon. The tour guide is whore mongering his way through all of Southeast Asia bringing you every detail about the girls he's banged along the way.
Asian Sex Diary
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This is a truly unique experience that puts you directly in the first person view of what it's like to be a complete whore-fucking tourist. This guy is armed with a camera, a hard cock, a map and a serious plan for all the Asian cunt he can get at! As the diary claims, this guy is basically on an Asian-girl tour, where he covers all the hot hooker spots in Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, China, Japan, etc. It's an epic trip of foreign asian lands, bringing you the very hottest sex from each region.

His snatch conquests are ordered up in the members area with detailed information, as he records the whole night for you to live vicariously through. Plus, he not only visits the local go-go bars where the whores can be easily stuffed – but spends his time picking up amateur young women at beaches, night clubs and even shopping malls where he prowls for fresh 18+ nookie to use hard for the night!

So, you get good hookups from the paid whores in their natural habitats and real amateurs that are swooned by thrills of farang ecstasy. Further, it's all shot in the POV form – and though authentic, can result in mixed quality with bad angles, low light and shaky-cam techniques.

But all that aside, the sex is always very exciting with those dark pussy lips spread for total wet pinkness that slides on cock so perfectly. The girls pretty much do it all, with anal sex, raw dogging, creampies, cum shot facials and threesome fun mixed in the episodes.

Videos are set up in streaming video format only with a browser responsive resizable player for instant viewing. The streams can be set from mobile to native-HD bandwidths for easy streaming playback – all of which depends on your internet connection. Photo/screens of the action are also available per update with a handy online viewer. Currently, there are no video downloads offered. The site is updated daily and has quite the archived collection to experience – and though you can sort by country/girl, there are no categories available.

However, there is all kinds of tips and tricks to participating in the exact same whore-monger lifestyle presented here. This whole site is like a guided trip on finding the best slanted pussy of the east, all in one place! There are detailed maps, location info, filming tips, and proven tactics to getting it on with any girl on your very own SE Asia vacation. Recommended!

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Strong points

Asian POV sex variety, large collection, HD streams, member interaction

Weak points

Mixed quality throughout, no vid downloads, no category breakdown
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