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Brutal Pickups Review

Full Review by Ric

You've seen the pick-up type of sex hookup before, but I guarantee you have never seen it quite like this! At Brutal Pickups, they have put the 'bad' fantasy to use again where the guys get aggressive in public with girls that put out by force.
Brutal Pickups
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The running theme of the site is: "What will you do to get home" – which implies exactly what you're all thinking. It's a realistic take on hitchhiking, where the girls straight up ask strangers in the street for help, at night no less, and then pretty much get taken advantage of.

The build up is interesting as the young women are often frantic and desperate roaming the lamp-only lit streets looking for help – where they happen upon some dude minding his own. Depending on the scene, the girls plea for assistance and end up spouting the whole "I'll do anything" card, to which our stranger takes hard advantage of.

Here is where the scenes shift and go from bartering breast flashing and ass teases to a more aggressive stance. And by that I mean the bound and gagged approach at getting compensation for helping out. The stranger manhandles these girls and often binds their hands and duct-tapes their mouths shut as soon as the girl is cornered.

Then we see rough hardcore with hair pulling and gagged face fucking, while the girl gasps for air on her knees. Often she is tied up and fucked on a rooftop or in an alley way with random city folk walking past just feet away from her sexual ordeal. It's hot and hard with a real nightmarish thrill!

However, the scenes are dark, and I mean that both ways. But, in keeping with the hard fantasy at night, there isn't much light illuminating the rough hookup other than camera lights. So you won't see great penetration angles; but this is by design –and these gritty, realistic sessions certainly add a new layer of arousal with the outdoor set up.

Each scene ends in typical cum to the mouth/face proper cumshot style, and the girls get a bit of a nice send off with a mini interview letting you know all is well in the reality porn end. And, as part of the Fetish Network, you get more similar fetish driven fantasy hardcore, like Helpless Teens.

Video delivery is served up with streaming video options with multiple bandwidths for online playback in a drop down viewer for playback. And downloads are set at mobile to 540p and 1080p HD resolutions for each scene. Plus, there is a screenshot gallery added to the video pages too.

Overall, the system is exciting and spins the street/public sex thing into more of the rough and tumble world of bdsm, plus that bad fantasy plays out too perfectly. Check it out!

Rating 8.9 Wow
Monthly $39.95
Category RealityVoyeur

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 7.7Mbps
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Strong points

Great pickup fantasy, 1080 video, bonus site access

Weak points

Few scenes so far, layout/nav, not regularly updated
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