Date added: 05/05/2016

Czech VR Review

Full Review by Jasin

The Czech VR people have put together their virtual reality porn site with only amateur Czech young women in mind. These girls are young and cute, and maintain a playful sexy mood while they get off in VR porn fun!
Czech VR
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First of all the content here is spread across full POV boy/girl hardcore, lesbian sex and solo masturbation sessions. Each scene is set up in the point of view style where the camera is the focal point or as the guy would see in the fuck scenes. Then you get the 180º view while watching through your preferred VR device.

However, the scenes are pretty basic when it comes down to it with average girls stripping and sucking cock, fucking and playing with their pussies in front of the cameras.

The virtual part makes it exciting though and adds a certain level of control to the scenes where you can view different areas with the head tracking movements.

All content is available for all the major VR devices and headsets with the basic smartphone setup most easily available.

There are options to download particular players to aid your viewing pleasure on your preferred device, with basic instructions on how to get everything hooked up and rolling. And for the most part, the whole layout and set up is simplified for easy vr-viewing.

From full 60fps 2880x1440 Oculus Rift and Gear VR resolution videos, to high and low versions of the smartphone rez at 1920x960 – you’re sure to find the right virtual video for your device.

Though the trade off is quality, you don’t necessarily have to play the correct videos on the specified devices, as all the content is available for download in base h.264 files.

If your phone can keep up with the frame rates and size, you can play the Oculus content on your smartphone through a basic google cardboard setup.

Finally, as part of the Mental Pass network, comes bundled with more amateur euro-girlfriend styled content with more sites adding into the archive of 18+ sexytime!

Rating 8.2 Great
Monthly $24.95
Category VR Porn

HD video options

H264: 2880x1440 @ 30Mbps
H264: 2880x1440 @ 20Mbps
H264: 1920x960 @ 15Mbps
H264: 1920x960 @ 8Mbps

Strong points

Simple to watch VR videos, amateur euro girls, bonus network

Weak points

Basic site, few updates so far, some lackluster scenes, no photos
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