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Latina Abuse Review

Full Review by Jasin

Latina woman lovers of the world, you may want to look away because is not for you. Well I suppose, if you love your fine Latina pussy mixed in with extremely aggressive hardcore, humiliation and down right rough-riding sex, then maybe you have found your harsh mecca.
Latina Abuse
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All the girls featured here are amateur young women in an audition style casting-couch setting – but they get down to business in a serious way. I'd hate to think these are real newcomers getting taken into the beast's den on their first round into porn-stardom. But these Mexican women definitely have no idea what's about to go down – nor their adventure into sexual mistreatment.

The scenes are brutal, and take the Spanish sluts on a wild ride into submission. The girls are used and abused from the start, beginning with slaps across the face, as they are mercilessly throat fucked. Hard cock is often shoved so far into the girl's mouth, she gags and eventually throws up, then made to suck up her own slobber. It's an intense session that continues into hard pussy poundings as the chica is thrown around into multiple positions, taking constant insults and smacks.

Some scenes are taken further down the rabbit hole into anal spearing and double penetration throw downs. Burying the girls faces into the couch as her body stings. The main thing about each scene is the total destruction of the girl's body and spirit. The site is called Latina Abuse, and man do they ever abuse these bitches. However, one could argue that they putting the Latina puta in a real whore's state of mind, where she should be.All of this leads up to more ruthless deepthroat cocksucking, prolonging the sexual cruelty as they build up to the cum shot facial – which the producers pride themselves on. The girl sits on the floor and absolutely gets drenched in jizz, while the camera man continues his vicious insults. After the brutal fuck fest the girl is often in tears, with eyeliner running, sweat pouring, and now covered in cum as the scene fades to black. Probably regretting getting out of bed that morning.

Videos come in good looking streaming video player that works nicely and is quick to buffer up. However, the content is in a 4:3 format for viewing – same as the multiple low end wmv/mpg1 download options. High definition videos are available in 1080p, and 720p and they look fantastic, however keep in mind these full length versions are large in size. The scene is further diced up into 40 second clips for those legacy dialup users that love their Latina-spice with a dash of pain.

A large still photo gallery follows the action closely, in fact you can hear that shutter throughout the video scenes as they are taken at the same time. Latina Abuse is part of the Hardcore Doorway network of similar aggressive-porn and cum swallowing mayhem. Other great sites included like Sperm Suckers, and Amateur Throats putting you in the thick of more tough sex showdowns.

Sure, not for everyone, but Latina Abuse – and this whole network for that matter, is an irate thrill ride you cannot beat.

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Strong points

Aggressive Latina hardcore, lots of content, 1080 video, bonus network

Weak points

Not all scenes are HD, 4:3 formated low end vids, updates
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