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Life Selector Review

Full Review by Ric

Life Selector has quite the ambiguous title for a porn site. First of all they sell themselves as an interactive 'game' of sorts, however the only thing played here is the option to make choices on how a sexy video works out. Perhaps I'm reading more into the concept, though. Read on…
Life Selector
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Nah, I will emphatically state this site is not game based, in a sense of playing with the models or interacting with them at your will to score points. Instead, what it comes down to is a selection process of how you want a porn video to proceed. This could either be getting a really attractive young woman to do a strip tease session for you, suck cock, or even get fucked in complete POV view.

What's more interesting is the fantasy involved throughout it all. The scenes are tailored to appeal to fantasies of the highest order – which can accommodate reality scenarios where alpha-male situations come into play. So, in a sense you can watch videos based on themes where pilots, business executives, or rock stars get luxury treatment from beautiful girls willing to perform hot sex acts in anyway they can!

Sex options is what Life Selector is all about. But the main deciding factor is cost, of course. Each scene plays out with a credit system based on the choices you make. If you want the girl to go from easy teasing to a deepthroat cock sucking slut, you'll have to pay 5-20 credits for that move. The same if you want to see her shift from vag sex to deep anal fucking mayhem – you gotta pay up with credits.

The credit system comes into play whenever there is options to change position, add fetish bits, or just go harder in the ongoing plot of the video selected.

You can control where you want the video to go, or end for that matter. The whole fuck-video is viewable in a streaming video player that is locked in a single quality for viewing – and if you have a large monitor, and full screen it, the quality suffers severely. Still, this stream-only model works for allowing the interaction when selecting new directions for the video to play out.

There is also good variety here with some fetish bits like bdsm, interracial, milf and foot-action to go along with the hardcore pornstars working their magic. Plus, you can preview the show with a trailer of sorts that details the choices available to you. And along with favoriting your top shows, you can replay the vids with the cuts you already payed for again and again.

Finally, the way the videos are shot with a total POV layout, the scenes are catered to the viewer and easy to immerse yourself in – even though the mediocre stream quality is a major bummer.

Overall, is clever, fun and unique – but this site is screaming for a VR option and a bandwidth selectable streaming video output. Still, if you're looking for something more from porn, this is it.

Rating 8.5 Great
Monthly $15.95/500Cr
Category RealityVR Porn

HD video options

Streaming Video: Varying

Strong points

Unique POV interactive porn, good sized collection, hot pornstars

Weak points

Low quality streams, cannot save videos, varying credit amounts
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