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Milking Table Review

Full Review by Ric

Milking Table brings you a unique massage therapy style mixed into a blowjob and handjob porn site. It's a cool concept to start, but their custom massage table with a cock-hole cut in it is where the real magic happens.
Milking Table
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Being reality oriented, the sexy fantasies take you into a massage room setting for a creative rubdown with a gorgeous model. She caresses the guy on the table and gets things started with a handjob or light blowjob on top of the table. For the most part the guy's cock is limp or rising, as her main job is to get things going in the erection department at this special massage parlor.

Often the scenes will show him grabbing her tits or she'll plop them out while stroking his cock and tonguing the head. Then she'll have him flip over and insert his cock through the table's hole as she gets on her knees underneath. This is where the camera repositions to show only the hot babe sucking and stroking below the table, with just a dangling cock in her face.

She uses both handjob stroke technique and her cock-sucking talents while under the table – and dreaming. Some girls get naked down there, and others are wearing skimpy outfits while they give reverse gloryhole head. The couple talks to each other through the table, where she explains how he should relax and focus on the orgasm, and he often gives her typical 'don't stop' orders. Eventually, the cock milking ends with a cum load flowing over the girl's face and mouth as he empties his balls from above.

All videos are available for online playback in a good sized browser embedded streaming video player, which also has a step down bandwidth option for slower connections. Downloads are offered up in HD 1080p in both wmv and h.264 formats, along with an odd sized mobile version. Plus, each scene is cut up into segments for download in 720p wmvs. Overall, the videos look good and the blowjob scenes have a matching low resolution photo gallery too.

Though unusual, the scenes are fascinating by design – where the guy is pretty much eliminated from the picture. Sure, she is giving head and jacking his dick off, but the action is focused on her as she goes to work – licking the shaft, sucking balls and kung-fu gripping to get this guy off! It's hot and horny, and the young women really get to try inventive jizz-milking methods down there.

The MilkingTable's massage-blowjob collection is still small and growing - but members also gain access to the very sexy Fantasy Massage Network. Still, I can't remember a site I've been more jazzed about in terms of originality in this day and age. Definitely worth a look see!

Rating 9.0 Wow
Monthly $19.95
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HD video options

WMV: 1920x1080 @ 10Mbps
H264: 1920x1080 @ 9.9Mbps
WMV: 1280x720 @ 3.0Mbps
H264: 940x528 @ 2.5Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1200x800

Strong points

Unique blowjob scenes, hot girls, 1080 video, quality streams

Weak points

Few updates so far, low res photos, basic site
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