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Submit Your Thai Review

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Submit your Thai has a main focus revolving around amateur Thai and asian girls, and a collection that anyone can contribute to. Well, I suppose you'd have to be a cute Thai or Asian girl in order to get your pics accepted.
Submit Your Thai
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So, the homemade videos concept runs deep here, but with so many cute bar girls out there doing god knows what in their spare time, some of it has to be real. The members area is broken up into regular updates and the 'member' contributed updates. The members submitted content is usually on the really poor quality side of the spectrum, however you will see unique content for sure. But focusing on the gogo girls of Thailand, the scenes are all mixed in quality anyway, like different camera people and selfshot styles always provide.

Point and shoot style snapshots and low quality shaky cam videos make up the bulk of the 'user submitted' content. But there are some high definition updates as well that have more of an all-round quality feel too. Where the content shot isn't some random backroom hookup. Video pages are presented with a streaming video player for quick viewing, plus high/low and mobile video download options and 720p movies (when available).

What makes it all really work is the petite Thai girls and their horny pussies, or rather their attention hungry bodies. Just watching a small framed girl lower herself on farang cock is exciting to watch. Plus, it's usually shot in the POV style so it's easy to imagine what it really looks and feels like as if you're the one nailing her. Furthermore, the content here has a lot of variety where the girls not only fuck and give blowjobs, some scenes feature solo sex toy and veggie insertion masturbation, strip teasing and lesbian exploring.

The thing that bothers me with the 'submitted' content is the guy doing the fucking is video taping and taking pictures and having sex all at the same time. So you see random flashes and shutter sounds here and there and they stop as he shifts multi-tasking around – it's this huge distraction from the hot girl getting boned. But yea I get it, he wants to sell his prized Thai hookup, but parts of the scene can be ruined in the process.

Having said that, Submit Your Thai works. They have a great assortment of really hot girls in the collection, and the user submitted, real-amateur additions certainly make for some exclusive one-off scenes of actual bar girls from Thailand. Further, you gain access to similar sites, like Tailynn, in the network. All of which, creates a large assortment of unforgettable Thai-girl porn.

Rating 8.5 Great
Monthly $29.95
Category Asian

HD video options

WMV: 1280x720 @ 3.3Mbps
WMV: 640x480 @ 2.2Mbps
H264: 720x404 @ 1.2Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1280x960
JPG: 1280x720 screen

Strong points

Thai amateur variety, hot girls, lots of content, streaming video, bonus network

Weak points

Mixed quality throughout, mostly non HD content
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