I'm Yours - Wow Girls
Date added: 03/08/2016
by Jasin

So it seems the Wow Girls production team has branched out from their typical Euro young woman collection and started offering some US girls into their stable of hot hardcore sex scenes. And you can't have incredible hardcore without Dakota Skye making an appearance!
I'm Yours - Wow Girls
As far as the scene intro goes, it's all Dakota in cutoff jean shorts and a blue tank top strutting about teasing and such. But up comes her beaux to instantly grasp her and embrace with kisses – which leads both of them indoors for more hard kisses and groping body part moments. He lifts her shirt up and suckles tiny boob and then goes for her jean shorts!

Before he can get her shorts off, she makes a move for his pants and whips out his huge cock! She starts sucking and quickly bottoms out her mouth on dick! You have to remember this girl is tiny – she's like real-doll sized, and about as easy to throw around! There is finally cloths that get taken off and a horny pussy that is attended to.

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First comes fingers to spread her pink hole, but then he just plunges into her horny-vag with a couple spit-takes for lube! Sure Dakota is already wet, but she has to take this big dick down to the hilt! With her spread there is good pumping action with deep thrusts and a spit or two for more moisture where it counts. This guy grinds his big cock inside tiny pussy as she moans in delight!

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There is multiple sex positions – from stand-up fucking to her on top, cowgirl riding, to her hopping off and sucking her sweet pussy juices from his hard on. It's hotness at every turn, and when they get into doggy style he starts fingering her asshole while plunging his massive cock in her pussy.

Dakota gets into that total whore-mode orgasm moment and twitches as all her sense are focused on her tingling asshole with big cock buried deep inside her pussy!

Still, they have more positions to get into and Dakota rides reverse-cowgirl style with the big cock impaling her hot hole, while her legs are wide open with sneakers still on her feet. Finally, he pulls out and unloads his nut on her pink pussy hood – and she reaches into the cream to get a taste. Hot!


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