Role Playing - Erotica X
Date added: 01/20/2016
by Marcus

The student and teacher relationship is always a hot one, and it pretty much always will be. At Erotica X they have taken that school fantasy and put it together with passionate hardcore for one helluva ride into naughty young+mature sexy territory.
Role Playing - Erotica X
It's the familiarity of it all, where the young women (18+) are always around their teachers and professors. They exchange flirts and the hot girls know the authoritative men in their lives are checking them out and into it. Plus, you can't help but look and be turned on by the girls in uniform.

That signature plaid skirt, knee high white socks, a tied blouse and that ever present back-pack hanging off one shoulder – swoon! The mood is already set as the girls show up and don't even have to strip to arouse hard ons with their school gear on.

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In the case of Role Playing, they take the fantasy of innocently getting home work help further, by going all the way towards erotic sex – yet, with a sexy, loving nature. Sadie Blair plays the crafty schoolgirl that walks to her teachers house for geometry help, and figures out she can get away with a lot more in the privacy of her teachers home.


Once inside, the books open up and couple feigns interest, but soon this naughty student's legs are around the back of her teachers head as she welcomes his face into her wet pussy! She returns the favor with a deep blowjob that certainly earns her a gold star from the start! The young woman eventually climbs on top and grinds herself to orgasm on her teacher's hard cock!

They finish the hot sex in the same loving and sensual manner that started it all – kinda giving off the vibe that they've done this before. They will likely share glances in class the next day with the memories of hot cum splashing after their intense sexual tryst.


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