Staying Fit - Wow Girls
Date added: 10/25/2016
by Ric

If you don't appreciate the female form, you obviously haven't seen Guerlain yet. In this video from Wow Girls, Staying Fit, her toned and tight body is on full display.
Staying Fit - Wow Girls

As the scene starts, Guerlain is browsing the mobile optimized WowGirls site with her tablet, looking like she just got back from a workout. She has a gym bag and is dressed in baggy sweats. Looks can be deceiving though and soon she blasts some uptempo music and slowly begins undressing.

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First it's her sneakers that come off followed by her sweatpants. Her nice, tan legs clearly are the product of a girl who exercises. There's not an ounce of fat on her and soon the camera pans up to her panties, revealing an ass that is as tight as it is a work of art.

tight ass

She shakes that beautiful ass of hers and gyrates, moving her hips and her whole body. The sneakers come back on, but what comes off next is her shirt, leaving her in just her red sports bra and underwear. Then she takes off her top and, as she dances like she's losing control, the viewer probably is as well. Her perky tits are amazing, but what happens next will blow your mind.

With her hands, she moves her underwear up into her beautiful ass as she continues to gyrate. But then she slowly leans on the table and takes them off, bending over as she does so.

We're treated to a clear view of her asshole and pussy and you can almost taste how amazing they both are. She places one leg on the table and spreads her tiny butt, and all we can do is wish that we were that table.


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