Taylor Sands - All Internal
Date added: 01/18/2016
by Ric

If watching pretty girls getting tore up is your thing, read on. Taylor Sands is one sexy, petite Dutch babe that takes everything that's thrown at her like an absolute natural! Her ass is the main stage for a complete showdown like no other, for All Internal, no less – so you know what's coming.
Taylor Sands - All Internal
This scene is just ferocious from beginning to brutal end! And from the start, as Taylor gets naked and teases a bit, she breaks out the anal-preparer knobbed dildo for her ass. Standing up, wearing only pink heels, she prods her pucker with this ribbed sextoy, inching it in and getting her ass hole stretched and used to getting plugged.

Once her butt is nice and ready, out comes a hard cock for her to stretch her jaw on! Now, on her knees, this go-getter strokes and deep throats to the best of her ability – bobbing cockhead with a smile on her face. And in standard porn tradition, her pussy is stuffed with cock for exactly 43 seconds, before he pulls out and slides right into her prepped brown star sphincter!

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She only slightly winces as her insides are filled with hot cock, but just rides on with that ongoing ohhh-moan! This guy stays up her ass for the remainder of the scene, as she fingers her pussy and eventually gets a vibrator on her clit while he pumps ass from the back. From doggy, to cowgirl, to reverse, to standing up – all you see is big pole inside tight ass with hard pulls for that incredible gape effect!

taylor sands

He even pulls the condom off a few times for a break, but stuffs his manhood back in her mouth – there's truly no rest for Taylor here. The final sex positions are Taylor doubled back over herself, in a pile-driver, open hole view, and then her squatting on a chair with her ass torn up ready for more. Here you can see just how raw her anal pucker really is, it's swole-up, aching and raw. Still the final moment is about to come!

In the end he finally pumps his cum load inside her ass – delivering the All Internal delight. His jizz instantly dribbles out of her gaped out, damaged rear end without even a bubble though.

Taylor's poor butt gets rocked hard in this scene – but she takes it all on so well – you'll be in awe of this beautiful, elegant anal destruction. Just as I was.


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